Bio is dedicated to helping our Customers manage digital transformation and business change, from small projects through to complex, multi-faceted programmes.

Our service portfolio is modular and flexible, and as such is unconstrained. It includes operational and consulting services across:

  • Business demand management – from business case governance to project commissioning
  • Strategic digital transformation portfolio governance
  • Project, programme and transition management
  • Resource forecasting and tracking
  • Adoption and success planning
  • Business change management
  • Product lifecycle management

Our capabilities, resources and expertise are deployed through three core services:

Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Advisory Services

Our Project and Portfolio Management Advisory Services help our Customers develop, mature and adopt best practice in project and programme governance and strategic portfolio management, in order to plan and deliver digital transformation within a structured framework that achieves expected improvements in customer service, operational effectiveness and RoI.

Enterprise Portfolio Review Service

A focussed subset of our wider Advisory Services, our Enterprise Portfolio Review Service helps our Customers rapidly assess the current condition of their portfolio of projects, in terms of status, health, and priority from a budget and resource perspective. This ensures that investment and effort remains aligned with strategic objectives and changing business demands whilst optimising RoI.

Project and Portfolio Management as a Services (PPMaaS)

Our PPMaaS provides modular project and programme governance and strategic Portfolio Management services, helping our Customers successfully deliver digital transformation and business change. We cover the full lifecycle from business case and portfolio prioritisation, through project planning and delivery, service transition, adoption and RoI tracking, across Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid methodologies.

Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Advisory Services

Service Overview

Many organisations look to drive service transformation and cost efficiencies through cloud hosting and software services, and wider digital initiatives, but fail to achieve expected operational and customer service benefits or RoI because of shortfalls in how they:

  • Prioritise and govern their portfolio of cloud and digital investments
  • Align investments to digital transformation and corporate strategy
  • Plan and manage project delivery and business change
  • Plan for how cloud and digital technology will be adopted and operated in life

Our Advisory Services develop these fundamental planning and governance capabilities within an organisation. We assess current project and portfolio capabilities from a people/process/technology perspective and benchmark these against our own reference models. We design practical target frameworks that will resolve identified gaps, and work within our Customers’ organisation to implement and embed sustainable processes that ensure effective planning and delivery of digital transformation.

Our expertise comes from both theoretical and practical experience of delivering such projects ourselves; managing complex portfolios through their lifecycle from business case, through design and delivery, to live service and user adoption. Our breadth of advisory expertise encompasses:

  • Business demand management and prioritisation
  • Portfolio governance
  • Project scoping and planning
  • Project and programme management
  • Resource forecasting and management
  • PMO delivery
  • Operational adoption planning and management
  • Transition management

In addition to providing governance frameworks that empower our Customers to plan and implement digital transformation solutions, we are also able to independently and impartially review in-flight projects and, where appropriate, recommend remedial actions or provide “hands on support” to bring them back on track.

Ease of Engagement

We recognise that engaging with a new services partner for the first time requires an investment in time and effort from both parties. However by approaching this in a structured way, we quickly get to know your organisation, your team, your processes and how you like to work, so that we can share this insight with any of our team who may subsequently work with you. Our approach enables us to quickly become a trusted member of your team, something evidenced through our track record with many customers where we have been engaged on an initial piece of advisory work and subsequently expanded our scope to encompass further advisory and operational delivery assignments.

Scoping Requirements

We always make sure that we have explored, understood and documented our Customer’s requirements and expectations as thoroughly as practically possible. We reflect these back in a formal scope of engagement, which will set out our Customer’s requirements, our deliverables, any assumptions we have made, the roles and expectations of both parties, and the commercial framework for delivery and charging. This documentation serves as a baseline for the engagement.

We also recognise that requirements change over time, and so we are always prepared to flex and adapt, managing this through formal scope change control.

We find that the earlier we are engaged in the business change lifecycle, the better we can scope our Customers’ requirements, helping them to accurately shape plans, budgets and resource forecasts.

Bio were engaged, due to their expertise, cost and track record, to review the current project and portfolio management function and approach in the Council, which was wanting, to design a best practice “to be” model and then work with the in house team to implement the transformation to the new operating model.

Bio brought real world, practical experience and knowledge that was applied to our context. This was not just the theoretical text book approach, it was application of best practice, with experience. Bio are currently leading the people, process and technology changes necessary to leave us with a function that is embedded and sustaining.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bio for engagements of this sort.

Chief Digital and Information Officer of a major city’s local authority

Bio Enterprise Portfolio Review Service

Service Overview

When an organisation engages on digital transformation, it typically entails multiple, inter-related projects and initiatives, within a wider portfolio of strategic change, alongside “keeping the lights on” projects.

However, business objectives continuously evolve, and project portfolios can lose alignment with strategic priorities. Furthermore, short term business and external issues can place unforeseen pressures on available budgets and resources, such that project and portfolio objectives can become seriously compromised.

Bio’s Enterprise Portfolio Review Service entails a rapid, efficient assessment of an our Customers’ live and planned portfolio versus current strategic and operational priorities, ensuring that every project, and the associated investments of funds and resource, remain relevant, achievable, and in an appropriate order of sequencing and priority.

We undertake a fast paced but structured analysis of your portfolio governance approach, the assessment criteria by which you approve and prioritise projects, and then analyse the status of the in-flight and scheduled projects (or an agreed subset) within your portfolio.

We provide summary reports of governance approach and maturity, assessment criteria and project status and health. We make objective recommendations as to which initiatives should continue, accelerate, delay, or cancel, with justification, ensuring optimal RoI and mitigating “drift” (or even failure) in benefits realisation.

We also provide initial observations as to the effectiveness of the portfolio governance approach, with recommendations for next steps on how governance could be improved.

Bio Enterprise Portfolio Review Service
  • Modular advisory scope, from sample projects to full portfolio review
  • Fast paced “Rapid Insight” approach reduces timeframes for delivering recommendations
  • Our highly cost-effective approach allows you to prioritise and target areas for review, with accelerated timeframes to drive agile decision making
  • Analysis considers both long term strategic goals for the organisation (e.g. digital transformation objectives), and immediate tactical issues (e.g. COVID-19 impact)
  • We can ensure resources and funding investment reflect up to date priorities
  • We also enable a responsive and systematic response to budget pressures and changes
  • Approach focussed on business outcomes, adoption and RoI, not just technology delivery and milestones
  • We help you measure and secure the business benefits of digital transformation
  • Creation of insightful management information and dashboards, summarising the status and health of your portfolio
  • We provide independent, objective, factual feedback, no “tunnel vision” or vested interests
  • Consulting based on practical operational experience, not just textbook/theory
  • We drive transformation through action-oriented execution plans and hands-on support
  • Expertise spanning waterfall, agile and hybrid methodologies
  • We can help you optimise and integrate delivery of both Mode 1 and Mode 2 initiatives; with no "one size fits all" compromises
  • Concise reporting on critical dependencies, resource conflicts and principal risks
  • We help you stem time and budget over-run, and assure project and portfolio RoI
  • We provide fact based "Stop, Start, Continue" recommendations for projects, based on clear, relevant business criteria
  • We help you drive up productivity, and maximise return on your resources, minimising wasted effort and capacity
  • Includes summary maturity assessment for portfolio governance framework
  • We can identify and target key areas for deeper analysis and improvement
  • Familiarity with Public and Private Sector
  • We understand how different sectors operate, reducing your onboarding effort and allowing us to deliver results quickly

Bio Portfolio and Project Management as a Service (PPMaaS)

Service Overview

Our PPMaaS provides modular project and programme governance and strategic portfolio management services, helping our Customers successfully deliver digital transformation and business change. We deliver these as “hands on” operational services, with our experienced project, programme and portfolio managers either working within our Customers’ own teams to provide additional capacity or expertise, or delivering full, outcomes based turnkey project, programme or portfolio management.

Our expertise comes from a combination of industry best practice methodology, formal training and certification, and practical experience of delivering such projects ourselves across a wide range of Customer environments; managing complex portfolios through their lifecycle from business case, through design and delivery, to live service and user adoption.

Our breadth of delivery encompasses:

  • Business demand management
  • Portfolio governance
  • Project scoping and planning
  • Project and programme management
  • Resource forecasting and management
  • PMO delivery
  • Operational adoption planning and management
  • Transition management

We dovetail with our Customer’s team and environment, and are equally at home adopting their processes, documentation and frameworks, or bringing our own standard and proven methodologies and templates into the engagement where this can add further value.

We also provide highly flexible resource models – including "fractional" pay as you use, where our Customers can turn their consumption of our services up and down by the hour, in the same way as they flex their compute power up and down in a cloud model.

Example Case Study

The deployment of flexible resourcing models to underpin variable project workload

Bio were engaged by an organisation in the legal sector with a view to providing project management capacity for 8 months to support the delivery of a number of key IT projects within a business change and cloud migration programme.

The IT function had an individual with project management skills, but with very limited capacity this was constraining progress, potentially delaying the delivery of business critical platforms and systems. They were considering bringing in a contractor to support the “in-house” Project Manager, however having reviewed the portfolio of planned work with Bio, it quickly became apparent that the workload would peak and trough significantly during the year. In most months an additional fixed term contract resource would be under-utilised, incurring cost for “white space”, and yet without the additional resource, the in-house team would be unable to meet demand.

Bio recommended a “flex model”, whereby the capacity of project management delivered could increase or decrease to match demand, measured and recorded on 15 minute intervals. Bio would only charge for the hours consumed each day, delivering 100% utilisation compared to a ‘straight line’ day rate engagement of a contractor equivalent.

Across the 8 month duration, Bio’s service cost was over 50% less in total compared to the alternative cost of a contractor for the same 8 month duration.

This initial engagement led to multiple further assignments, spanning IT projects, business change, and even managing the post acquisition integration of another organisation.



Providing high-intimacy, dedicated or shared service expertise and capacity, to help you manage and improve the performance of IT service operations.


Accessing a suite of technical services that can be leveraged to increase your internal team's breadth of capability or capacity.


Leveraging Bio's practical and proven experience to help you anticipate results, make informed decisions and achieve successful outcomes to real world IT and related business problems.


Creating management capacity and expertise when you need it most. Our leaders become part of your organisation, supporting and strengthening your management team through challenging times.


We understand that each situation is different, so we have a wide range of flexible delivery models that we can tailor to suit your budget and business - from standard day rates, to fractional resourcing, from virtual services, to annuity contracts. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements further.


Why employ full time staff when you don't need the volume or the cost? Access to skills and resources in increments of time and only pay for what you need, all taken care of by Bio.


Why tolerate the frustrations with contractors? A wealth of resources with service continuity, resource management and retention of IP, all taken care of by Bio.


Why does accessing external capacity need to be so difficult? Avoid internal administration and management overhead through a flexible resourcing arrangement, all taken care of by Bio.


Why are certain staff or managers always so pressured? Create more horse and brain power by bringing premium resources in to be part of your team, all taken care of by Bio.


Why do you never seem to end up with what you originally intended? Strengthen solution and service definition and deliver projects that meet your expectations, all taken care of by Bio.

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