Bio is dedicated to helping our Customers manage digital transformation and business change, from small projects through to complex, multi-faceted programmes


Bio provides the advisory and operational professional services that ensure that organisations, whether providers or consumers of technology, get the intended business returns from their investment by helping them plan, implement and transition into life their solutions.

Our focus is on project and service deliverables, providing governance and operational adoption, therefore complimenting technology vendors, integrators and enterprises alike.

Whilst we continue to improve, innovate and develop our business, our strategy and our mission remains intact. We remain committed to ensuring that we deliver outstanding service to our clients, through the expertise of our committed and talented employees, and continue to successfully balance the needs of all business stakeholders.


How do we help our Customers?

We start from the premise that many organisations are not getting the returns from the technology investment that were used to justify their digital transformation business cases. Whilst many times this is down to technology related problems; too often it is due to lack of focus on objectives and governance end to end, from business case to delivery to user adoption and live service.

It is in these areas that we add value, providing expertise to guide our Customers through activities such as:

  • Management of the business case process, including alignment to strategy, capture of business requirements and return on investment (RoI) criteria
  • Capturing the “user adoption” expectations, challenges and how barriers can be mitigated
  • Validation digital transformation project and service delivery approach and risks, ensuring assumptions around budgets, resources and timescales are realistic
  • Digital transformation portfolio scheduling (projects, dependencies, priorities, resources)
  • Designing and executing the project delivery approach, whether Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid
  • Tracking of benefits realisation from digital transformation projects and programmes

All of these capabilities can be delivered as operational services (undertaking tasks and activities on behalf of our customers), advisory services (helping our customers evolve and improve their own in-house teams and processes) or a hybrid approach (helping our customers deliver, whilst evolving and improving).


Our people reflect our values and share in our mission and purpose. They excel in their functional roles and demonstrate integrity, commitment and passion in all that they do. They have a strong service ethic, maintain high standards and are always ready to "go the extra mile" in achieving our customers' objectives.


At Bio, we have a very clearly defined vision of the company we want to be, what we are trying to achieve and the values that make this a reality.

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